Pure Marine Collagen


Collagen peptide is a natural protein produced inside the body to prevent dermal layers of the skin from developing skin folds. After they are created collagen and elastin create collagen peptide bundles resulting in firmer skin and a healthier body. When collagen bundles decrease the appearance of wrinkles becomes more noticeable. Collagen is responsible for the maintenance, strength, and flexibility of healthy bones, joints, skin, tendons, ligaments, hair, nails, blood vessels, and eyes.

Pure Marine Collagen Peptide supplement is made from fish skin collagen through an enzymatic hydrolysis process and is pre-digested into components with a low molecular weight amino acids for optimal absorption and utilization by the body. Studies have shown that collagen peptides can provide benefits for sports performance, weight management, skin health, joint and bone health.

The word collagen is derived from kolla, the Greek word for glue. Collagen is the primary protein in the body more than 90% of the total collagen found in the body is Type I&III. It is an essential and major component of muscles, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, bones, gums, teeth, eyes and blood vessels.

Key Benefits

  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Bone
  • Weight Management

As we age levels of amino acids (protein building blocks) our body needs to make collagen protein are reduced so there is insufficient new collagen to keep skin, joints, and other parts of the body healthy. Pure Marine Collagen provides an important amino acid composition. It is a natural rejuvenating source that replenishes the body's own collagen supply and provides nutrients to re-build collagen Type I&III cells.

Amino-acid (g/100g protein) Pure Marine Collagen
Alanine 8.2
Arginine 8.7
Aspartic acid 5.0
Cystin 0
Glutamic acid 11.3
Glycine 20.4
Histidine 1.3
Hydroxylysine 1.5
Hydroxyproline 10.3
Isoleucine 1.5
Leuicine 2.6
Lysine 3.4
Methionine 0.8
Phenylalanine 2.3
Proline 12.4
Serine 3.4
Threonine 2.7
Tryptophan 0
Tyrosine 0.4
Valine 2.0

Pure Marine Collagen is particularly rich in:

  • Hydroxyproline
    A major component needed to produce collagen cells for a healthy body
  • Alanine
    Supplies energy to muscle tissues, brain and central nervous system and strengthens immune system through its effect on antibody production
  • Arginine
    Helps immune system stimulation and healing process
  • Glycine
    Triggers the release of the oxygen required by the cell-making process