KollaGen I. V. X.HEM™

Collagen Types I, V, X, are powerful compounds found in eggshell membrane accounting for 15% to 20% of the total collagen. Eggshell membrane contains about 100 parts of Type I collagen to 1 part Type V collagen and contains the rare Type X collagen. Type I collagen is very important in bone and skin development and maintenance, Type V collagen is required for assimilation of Type I, while Type X collagen protects the embryo and other important tissues.

kollaGenI.V.X.HEM™ Eggshell Membrane Powder (patent pending) is the result of more than a quarter of a Century of Collagen food supplement research. Certifed Nutraceuticals highly experienced innovation team, under the management of the original collagen family, has created this new unique collagen product extracted from Eggshell Membrane without the use of harsh chemicals.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes Skin Collagen Renewal & Repair
  • Promotes Fibroblast Activity for Skin Elasticity
  • Supports Pain Management Associated with Joint Disease
  • Decreases Skin and Body Inflammation
  • Increases Joint Mobility
Clinically Proven Effective - Results in 3 to 7 Days!


  • General Pain
    91.7% reduction; P = 0.006
  • Range of Motion Associated Pain
    77.3% reduction; P = 0.020
  • Flexibility
    70.6% increase; P = 0.006

Day 1

Salivary pH Measurement - Day One of Trial Commencement

Day 30

Salivary pH Measurement - Day Thirty (30) of Trial Completion


A dosage of 500 mg taken once per day demonstrates that kollaGenI.V.X.HEM™ is a practical treatment option for the overall management of Joint and Connective Tissue Disease, Symptoms and related superfluous side effects. The study also showed a normalizing of saliva pH levels which is often indicative of a reduction in inflammation.