Scientific human clinical study confirms kollaGen II-xs™ efficacy for joint & connective tissue disorders!

Murrieta, California – September 9, 2013 - Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc. is pleased to announce the positive initial results of the ongoing Human Clinical Studies for the efficacy of kollaGen II-xs™ U.S. Patent #8,344,106 B1- Avian Sternum Collagen Type II powder Hydrolysate. This is the natural blend of Mucopolysaccharide compounds and amino acids which basically are the building blocks of joint cartilage. The process preserves all important nutrients and capable amino acids in order for kollaGen II-xs™ to be effective after enzyme digestion in the human digestive tract. The compositional makeup of kollaGen II-xs™ produced extraordinary clinical therapeutic value for connective tissue disorders and improved the mobility and activity for individuals with joint conditions.

For this study we chose 15 patients' ages 17 years to 81 years (8 males / 7 females) with confirmed joint damage and cartilage injuries, diagnosed with imaging/scoping with low to high pain scales. The optimal dosage administered is 1500mg - 2500mg daily dietary supplement taken with citric juice on an empty stomach.

Significant Scientific Findings of Positive Clinical Responses:

All participants could not walk/jog 300 meters without pain occurring in some form.

Targeted Clinical Response Results:

Supplementation with kollaGen II-xs™ produced a significant treatment response at seven days for flexibility (33.3% increase; P = 0.037) and at 30 days for general pain (87.9% reduction; P = 0.007), flexibility (62.4% increase; P = 0.005) and range of motion associated pain (76.1% reduction; P = 0.021). The substantial treatment response continued through 30 days for pain (70.6% reduction; P = 0.0001). There were no adverse events reported during the study and the treatment was reported to be well tolerated by study participants.

kollaGen II-xs™ is a novel preparation when taken at a dosage of 375mg – 500mg twice per day which benefits joint inflammation, secondary mobility and other tertiary effects. This study demonstrates that kollaGen II-xs™ may be a viable treatment option for the management of joint and connective tissue disorders.

The ongoing Human Clinical Trial is performed by Morton Scientific Group of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada and overseen by qualified Medical Doctors. Certified Nutraceuticals supplies the world market with kollaGen II-xs™ in bulk powder which is manufactured at FDA - USDA approved facility and proudly promote the products as Made in USA.

Our advantage is the exclusive proprietary water extraction technology process to extract denatured Avian Sternum Collagen Type II Powder without the use of solvent (ethanol) or harsh chemicals. This process preserves important nutrients and molecules to yield more Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and more Chondroitin for optimum assimilation to help damaged cartilage. We also used natural enzymes to solubilize (Hydrolysate) the product for maximum hydration and to control HA and Chondroitin Molecular Weight (MW). Other hydrolyzed collagen products on the market are processed and produce very low MW collagen which is not suitable for chicken sternum due to the contents of the delicate carbohydrates (HA, & Chondroitin), which needs to be at a higher MW. The low MW is suitable for Bovine, Porcine and Fish Collagen Type I & III.

Certified Nutraceuticals' visionary CEO and the original inventor, Mr. Ahmad Alkayali, first introduced Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Type II in 1995. Since then continued research and improvement by our innovation team is the result of this new advanced invention. Mr. Alkayali was the first to introduce collagen supplements to the market more than a quarter of a century ago. Certified Nutraceuticals specializes in innovative quality collagen and anti- aging nutrients for longevity and good health. We developed Patented Pomegranate Ellagic 70™ extracted from the seed with powerful Ellagic acid and Punicalagins, Reverse-vine® (patent pending) grapevine extract antioxidant featuring the newly discovered Trans-e-Viniferin which is considered to have more antioxidant effects beyond resveratrol, H.A.95™ Natural Hyaluronic acid synovial fluid to lubricate healthy joints, Olea25® (patent pending) 25% Hydroxytyrosol powder extracted from organic olive leaf with the highest ORAC value of any botanical ingredient discovered to date, patented TendoGuard™ - Collagen Type I, II, V, X and mucopolysaccharides for keeping tendons healthy and flexible, and our newest discovery of the Century- Telos95® - Telomere Health Support ingredient.

kollaGen II-xs™ powder is 100% water soluble and can be made easily into capsules, tablets, beverages, functional foods and cosmetic applications.