Kolla Jell™

Hydrolyzed Coastal Jellyfish Collagen Powder.

•  Helps To Improve Memory And Brain Function
•  Reverses Photo Aging & Restores Skin Health
•  Anti-fatigue & Anti-cell Oxidation
•  Helps To Stimulate The Immune System & Neurological Activity

KollaGen II-xs™

Nature most complete joint health.

•  100% cold water soluble
•  Food & beverage, cosmetics, dietary supplements
   and sports nutrition
•  Higher molecular weight for optimum absorption

KollaGen I.V.X.HEM™

100% hydrolyzed avian egg membrane.

•  Promotes skin collagen renewal & repair
•  Promotes fibroblast activity for skin elasticity
•  Supports pain management associated with joint disease
•  Decreases skin and body inflammation


Advanced collagen recovery compound.
Collagen types I. II. V. X. & mucopolysaccarides

•  Keeps tendos healthy and flexible
•  Provides necessary nutrients to tendon-recovery process
•  Help stimulate collagen synthesis

H. A. 95™

Pure and natural hyaluronic acid

•  Lubricates joints, eyes, ears, and heart
•  Keep skin healthy and youthful
•  Help in cell turn over; slows down the aging process

Telos 95®

Longevity breakthrough of the century! The only affordable
scientifically validated telomere support ingredient.

•  Supports healthy longevity
•  Supports telomere health
•  Look & feel your best

Olea 25®

Most powerful natural antioxidant discovered to date!

•  Promotes heart health and DNA health protection
•  Protects against all 5 common free radicals
•  Oleuropein biotransferred into bioactive hydroxytyrosol
•  Nutritional, skincare, beverage, functional food applications


Grapevine extract powder.

•  Superior SIRT-1 activation
•  25% increased SOD activities
•  Reduced cell oxidation
•  Powerful antioxidant

Pomegranate Ellagic 70™

Scientists unlock the secret healing effects of the
"Fruit of paradise".

Pomegranate Ellagic 70™ utilizes an advanced technological
juice extraction process that contains the powerful
Ellagic acid.

Pure Marine Collagen

Fish collagen is a complex, structural protein that helps
to maintain the strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments,
bones, joints, muscles, tendons, gums, teeth, eyes,
blood vessels, nails and hair.